Friday, March 23, 2018

April A to Z Challenge 2018: Lessons Learned At 31

My life’s hilarious. I say that politely like the Joker. ----------*Dead Silence Rolling*------------- Focus on the eyes. The intensity is real! & then... we fart! 💥 KABLAAAM!!!

Life's pretty disturbing! It throws the most odd of people and situations at me. I was exposed to the jaws of the social circles - plural - and home management about 7 years ago and the disturbia began! The insane mixture of both ingredients (people and situations) is responsible for casting me into the mold of a freakshow that I am! I have always had the gift of being able to laugh about it all though. If I am laughing... I have possibly slain you in my mind to smithereens and it is SO bad you don't wish to know!

My drift is ... life will kill me in the end, no? Why not enjoy a good laugh while I am at it. Yes, I have always been one of the slightly off in the head types and nothing like the ladies of my time. I am not unbreakable but have learned somewhat the same resilience of a boiled egg. It won’t crack, it bounces back.

So, I am taking this year’s April A to Z Challenge once again to share the lessons learned from 2017 with the universe (aliens are definitely reading this! And particularly Maxwell Evans from Roswell so we need to make a good impression about the human race! *winks*).

My 30th year in life was definitely a test of nerves! And, I managed to amuse myself with the “hilarity of the situation” after; of course, typing a highly abusive rant on Google Docs after each 'complication' and then deleting it. You don't want to go there.
Each day wears me down to the max - physically and emotionally - but I have spun up some tricks to make it less suicidal! I am pushed out of my comfort zone, my patience is tried, and the last laugh I throw at life every day is when I sit down to watch Porus. It is an Indian TV show with gorgeous women! - yes, I ignore the macho, warrior men fighting for power! At this time I sit with a cup of chilled milk and a Papa (sweet tea rusk) to dip in.


  1. sounds like fun. I like the way you think so I'll probably be back to check all the things you've learned.

    have a lovely day.

  2. ...and I've just turned thirty. I could use your wisdom, y'know :)
    Let's have fun this April. Count me in :)
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  3. I cannot wait to read your life lessons! I like your writing style.

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