Friday, April 20, 2018

R - Roads & Wrongs & How To Deal

I have been stray driving on wrong roads too often lately. I took a left turn and ended up on the wrong side to find 5 lanes of cars rushing towards me! Extreme shock! Mega confusion! The reason could be anything... stress, lack of focus, and maybe even lack of confidence. But should wrong turns be allowed to hinder my confidence? --- NO --- And that's the lesson I've been working on! I actually felt my confidence buckle, and the inner voices made me think twice about a lot of things. But then, quitting should never be an option. The best way is to take a deep breath, calm down, recite a prayer or two, and collide head on with the problem --- so I backed up as the five lanes of cars rushed towards me, and turned back into the street! --- took a deep breath --- recited a prayer and took the right turn this time.

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