Sunday, May 8, 2022

Secrets of Dumbledore: Movie Experience SPOILER ALERT!



It felt like I was the last people on the planet to have watched Secrets of Dumbledore. It is possibly the last week it's showing in cinemas. Even the poster has been taken down from the halls. *sad face* *pout* I missed getting a photo in front of a new release display like earlier with Crimes of Grindelwald. 

The movie is brilliant! Period. 

Pickett the sneaky Bowtruckle and Teddy the pickpocket Niffler are back with serious mischief! Where would Newt be without them? Uh, shredded to pieces by a Manticore! (That was disgusting!).

The Qilin is a new, beautiful creature! It reminded me of the Hippogriff. Looking forward to seeing a Noble Collection figure and a stuffed plush in the Universal Parks! 

Can we please talk about Kowalski?! He's practically the best guy in the movie. He ends up with Dumbledore and Newt's high profile, confidential anti Grindelwald mission team and has a frying pan handy! Haha! I loved the Niffler in the frying pan scene. They should put that image on merch, I'm all game to buy mugs with that graphic. Back to Kowalski --- he's at Hogwarts and has a wand! O the fun he's had with it. He made headlines "Murderous Muggle"! The cheeky Slytherin boys pulled a nasty on him with the Cockroach Clusters, and Grindelwald did a Cruciatus on him OUCH!, but it was wedding bells for him and Queenie in the end and that makes me a very happy person! 

Credence reminded me so much of Snape! Wow! He is Aberforth's son! I was going with the theory where he would turn out to be Ariana's son. Or even Albus Dumbledore's son by chance. But Aberforth! That theory bubbled in my head when Credence and Aberforth were communicating through the mirror. But who would have known? --- So, Credence is dying! The Obscurial will finally take his life but I am hoping Newt Scamander might just intervene and come up with a breakthrough in the upcoming sequels. Credence was Grindelwald's hitman for Albus Dumbledore and we some combat there, some Obscurial style destructo duel. But Dumbledore kind of overpowers. 
That brings us to the bad guy! The new face of Grindelwald. My loyalties shall forever remain with Johnny Depp. Heartfelt wishes of support for him as his lawsuit nears a verdict in the coming weeks. He was a more stylish Grindelwald with more delicateness and finesse. His persona conveyed the magnitude of doom that Grindelwald's agenda harbored. But I can live with the new Grindelwald and his malicious doings. I feel like Johnny Depp's ice cold stares were more chilling than Mads Mikkelsen's. JD came across as a powerful, dark magic loaded evil wizard while Mikkelsen was more of a sharp, corrupt, bigot politician. Brilliant mafia don style acting but less magical is what I mean.  

Anyways folks, this is a wrap on my initial review on Secrets of Dumbledore. I'll be back with more (hopefully!) and meanwhile enjoy the little movie I made of my movie watching experience (no spoilers there).

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Potterhead Chronicles: Harry Potter Collector Day March 5

Happy Harry Potter Collector Day! ⚡️πŸ°πŸ»πŸš‚9¾

My Wizarding Universe, the Room of Requirements for real! Some areas are a work in progress because the Muggles don’t let me have enough Me Time. And yet, I’ve rebelled from an Azkaban life and built a lair for myself. My escape room is a creative hideout. I have merchandise gathered from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Target, Walmart, Pottery Barn, Fun, Conquest Journals, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, F.Y.E., CineReplicas, and Noble Collection!

The madness in my lair extends from my desk, to the walls, covers the bed and the floor! I love collecting home items for a Potterhead lifestyle. There are souvenirs from the frequently lovely visits to Universal Orlando, D.I.Y.s, and decor items that are not official HP but go with setting the feel for being an HP fanatic. 

It’s official, I have a Harry Potter problem!

Join me on my Instagram @abbiesadventures to follow the madness.

Major thanks to @thepottercollector for hosting March 5, 2022 Annual Collectors Day

Friday, February 25, 2022

Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love

Well, well, well ... February for a Potterhead like myself is about showing off the darling little bottle of Love Potion from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes' WonderWitch products line. We have all come to love this little tidbit from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have absolutely no idea what this tastes like because I found it to be alcohol based and I didn't drink it. I am star-crossed in the love department so my best version of the emotion is self love that makes the steel of my existence. Cheers to self love!

I picked my bottle of Love Potion (Amortentia) from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes at Diagon Alley and it felt exxxactly like the scene from the movie. Ah, I was in my Deathly Hallows Master of Death jacket that day. The person at the start of the video is Sara, I was filming, and then she took over as I began to pick my bottle of Love Potion from the lot. 

 I bought a Love Potion that day and then stepped out to find Celestina Warbeck in concert singing "Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love". Haha! Completes the package dunnit? 

Also, I'd like to mention my little peak into Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop at Hogsmeade. That's where all the couples went on dates! Ah, the pinks make me delirious. They remind me of Umbridge in a very disturbing way. It would be a treat; however, to have the tea shop actually open up for service at Hogsmeade don't you think? It should sell both hot and cold beverages and some snack / dessert items.

There was quite the activity on Twitter from the Wizarding World on the very 14th of the month when the world turns to reds and pinks. 

Replying to @wizardingworld:
To me, Amortentia potion will smell of jet fuel, inside of an airplane cabin, pizza, hot chocolate, pages of new books, new leather seats in a car.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Potterhead Chronicles: A Magical Winter Scene, Movie Marathon Ending, & "Riddle" the Laptop

Winter is magic. And Winter for Potterheads is a special kind of a magical spell. There's something about watching snow covered Hogwarts grounds, Gryffindor (or your own house) scarves and mufflers on robes, warm Butterbeer, and snowy Hogsmeade in the Harry Potter films. 


We are having a movie marathon and are currently watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. 

"The Boy Who Lived, come to die" - Voldemort. 

The movies are pretty dark towards the end and they have somehow synchronized with the winter low feels to cast a dreary spell. But, but, but, but ... I am casting all the right spells to wave it off. There are always the themes of love, friendship, courage, and belief that good will prevail, that keep the heart going. 


Let's zoom in on the Hogwarts winter scene I have put together on the Magical Wizardry Desk for the season. (I am getting Lockhart, love potions, and hearty heart feels coming for another makeover for February and March, but let's put those aside and talk about this first). Of course, the Wizarding World's iconic snowman plush is the star of the show. Also starring Hagrid in his tree hauling pose. I have actually hid the birthday cake the Hagrid Funko is holding, and used cotton balls to make some snow at the base of the tree. The Hogwarts castle Funko has got to be my most beautiful find of the castle yet! It is big! I love the details! I considered using cotton to cover some turrets and roofs but then decided against it because the castle is too gorgeous to mess with. Also check out the stockings and wreath I have displayed around the Room of Requirements for the festive season. It's passing now, so I am beginning to pack those away in time for Spring. I feel the wreath became too cluttered as I rushed to make it in time. But that is me. Chaos and clutter. I will; however, do something different next year God Willing!

After Ms. Smoke (my old laptop) crashed due to old age, I got myself a gorgeous Dell that is lighter and as sleek as ever. It's a smooth silver grey, the keyboard display is lit, and the screen is matte. I have been thinking of so many name for it. I name my machines! And there could be nothing better than the name "Riddle" for a sharp, silent machine like that. It is a charmer. 
I went ahead and transferred my old decals from Ms. Smoke to Riddle. Furthermore, I was gifted some beautiful watercolor decals (Conquest Journals) by Sara on my birthday. I decided to add those too! Riddle looks handsome as ever! 

Next up, I am working on taking some photos of my magical winter wear. There's a gorgeous sherpa sweater and a sherpa fleece throw (as soft as clouds) that I want to show you. Stay tuned for the magic ...

Thursday, January 13, 2022

A Cup of Chai and Radio Silence

4:51PM, January 12, 2022

This is a rare, radio silence kind of a spot in time where I have just returned from a grocery/shopping/chiropractic therapy appointment of a family member and am sipping a piping hot cup of Chai. It's a dropping 6 degrees centigrade outside and every bone is frozen from bringing the groceries and the recycling bin inside trips up and down the driveway. I am in line for a hot shower and am waiting at my desk (a long cloth covering the seat as I am still in my outside clothes and we're taking protective measures during the deadly disease scare). Amidst the mad run, I get these silent moments when there is nothing, not even white noise, and I can just let each nerve cell in my body relax before the next jolt. 

Trust me, 2022 has taken a busy start but it is the good kind of busy where I am not a case of nerves. There's overwhelming work and mountains to deal with. But things appear manageable. The only proactivity I am indulging in is the stuffs that need to get done for filing taxes! This time I am not taking that mammoth task to April because dear God we have Ramadan (the fasting season) starting in April. Nobody can file taxes on an empty stomach. The hunger makes you see things. Haha.

Chai courtesy: @saraallie the outstanding maker of fine Chai

Friday, January 7, 2022

New Year's Eve Dessertopia

Nieces requested a New Year’s party and wanted 2 cookies, 2 doughnuts, 2 cakes πŸ˜‚ They’d seen some goodies at a bakery and had their heart set on trying them all. Tada! Bua Beeya Team made it happen. Sara and I headed out on December 31st to grab some Safeway baked goodies for NYE! Their doughnuts are always good! We got chocolate ones and white icing ones with colorful sprinkles as were requested by the Bubbsters. The pink frosted sugar cookies by Signature Selected literally melted in our mouths! They had a cake like consistency SO SO SOFT!  For the cake, we got an assortment ring cake. The 4 flavors were chocolate fudge, lemon, cinnamon, and vanilla. These were out of this planet! Everyone needs to get these because wow! 
Keeping charcuterie boards in mind, I just did a dessert mix. Simple toothpick toppers just added the glittery boom to my setup. I just printed them out from my HP printer in minutes. I figured there should be a big clock on the cakes and ta-da! It was a joy to find some party paper plates at Walmart to go with it. 
The Bubbsters were stunned! The Dessertopia won their hearts. They couldn't believe that we actually got the entire assortment. And then ... we taught them how to sample a little of all so they could get all the tastes without filling their tummies up with a single doughnut or cake. 
O! And the winter decor scene is already set up on our kitchen countertop. More on that later ...

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Abbie's Adventure Films: Winter Diaries Part One

A kickass New Year's Eve party with a faux disco ball drop, a brilliant Witcher Season 2, a Harry Potter marathon, an HBO Max Return to Hogwarts event, first snowstorm, and much much more ... Winter 2022 has made a happening start! 2022 could just be a showstopper year! Don't forget to watch the Winter Diaries Part One (Click Play) - my Instagram Highlight as it's being filmed now! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Brink of 35: Opening the Cage of Chaos


πŸ‘‘ Brink of 35: Opening the Cage of Chaos! 🧨 

“I must ask you not to scream.” ✨ 

I have been waiting to let this out for SO long! It’s a scripted fart of ridiculous magnitude! I, Abbie Dragonblood of Abbiesville, am turning 35 glorious years old on November 19th! *bzzt bzzt* (electric power play of a limited edition woman short circuiting the minds of social critics). “Did she just say that?” “Out loud?”

My Mid 30s train is leaving the platform. It’s an unexpected adventure full of a fresh load of chaos, dysfunction, and evernew haunts and horrors. Having become quite the Van Helsing of the trade, I’m not worried. Good stuff’s also on board: new Potterhead Chronicles, more shenanigans with my sister and partner in mischief (the Sara), and well … whatever happy we can create to make the ride worthwhile. Otherwise, we’d all jump right off on the tracks, right?

We’ve done well for ourselves, Precious, haven’t we? Academic excellence (an MBA with a 4.0 GPA hellowwww!), sound mental and physical health (mental department has breakers tripping but we can always reset!), financial stability, self-sufficiency, and the superpower to create a class act out of a crass act situation (with my partner in mischief @saraallie ). MashaAllah! God Almighty has always kept me gifted with the  creme de la creme of everything amidst the storms and sinkholes. 

I am an antithesis of the norms of the social jungle around me. My thoughts are in contradiction to the narrow minded modus operandi. And, my lifestyle is a unique freakshow. And yet, I am no rowdy hooligan, not an irresponsible brat, neither a nuisance, nor a power hungry female. I don’t play aggressive, I play defensive, in silence. I choose to use the shield of self esteem, emotional intelligence, and creative expression to ward off the negative bombardments! 

But I have contained the chaos for too long.  “Opening the Cage of Chaos!” That’s the tagline for 35. I figured my chaos helps people make sense of their own hot messes. 

“Let’s see what you make of them me now!”

Friday, October 8, 2021

Let's Write The Fall Story

Finally, FALL!

Summer always begins to feel like Alice’s Wonderland towards the end. The goodness begins to burn away in the heat wave and by September I am running like mad to get out! --- (out of Summer that is!) --- So, when it’s finally Fall it feels as awesomesauce as flipping an omelet and having it land perfectly full square on the pan and NOT the stove --- yes, I can halfway do that now since I have made 200+ eggs since December! That’s another story --- I digress --- coming back --- Fall --- The Adventure Board is decked up and is screaming Fall. These are all magazine photos which remind me that I have to renew my magazine subscriptions. They ended in February and I forgot amidst the hustle of making 200+ eggs --- The Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Spice Latte pocketbac sanitizer holder has become an Adventure Board accessory! Their visor clips for fragrances (the black owl and heart coffee cup from previous years) have also joined the ranks! Some old, and new Starbucks Fall and PSL season cards are also in the mix. The vibe is beautiful, let’s Fall with Abbie, shall we? O! Don’t forget to check out my Fall Dairies highlight! HERE

Sunday, September 12, 2021

#BackToHogwartsMagic Instagram Photo Challenge 2021

To commemorate Back to Hogwarts this month (September 2021), I am participating in the #BackToHogwartsMagic Instagram Photo Challenge (2021) by Dani @mandrakesandmischief. There's no better way to celebrate than to connect with a enthusiastic Potterhead lot and share photos and talk about experiences. I love it. There's always a share of memories from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the parks in Orlando (much needed during pandemic times when vacations are far from thought for me). I have not been to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London yet (it's on Abbie's Life's Bucket List), so I enjoy shares from Potterheads there. There's lots of merch that's showcased and often I get acquainted with crafty people that make and sell HP merch on Etsy or other platforms. 

30 #BackToHogwartsMagic Photos

DAY 01 "Back to Hogwarts"


DAY 2 "Wands"

My first wand is quite the memory. I say first because I intend to, someday, buy another from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This one’s Narcissa Malfoy’s and I got it for its making and style suiting my personality. Ah! The joy of picking this chic black beauty from the wand selling wagon in front of the Hogwarts castle at Hogsmeade! Pure bliss! Day 2 of #backtohogwartsmagic by @mandrakesandmischief
Day 3 "What You Forgot to Pack"

I forgot to pack my Monster Book of Monsters! It had bitten me twice, eaten my boots, and was sniffing my trunk! I chained it and it went to sleep! I forgot about it and left it in my room on the bed! The pillows are at risk!
DAY 04 "Sorting Hat"
In my Room of Requirements Atop a high shelf Sits the wise old Sorting Hat Bee in your bonnet? Don’t doubt yourself! You’re a Potterhead Remember that!
Day 05 "Portrait"

That moment when I stepped WAY out of my league and comfort zone to ride Hagrid’s Motorbike 🏍 πŸ”₯ It was INSANE! I have never screamed any louder! 

Day 06 "House Pride"


Day 07 "Favorite Character"
Luna Lovegood ••• my fiction equivalent. Relatable in so many ways. She’s the one friend you need when life’s a bit askew.


Day 08 "Diagon Alley"
Diagon Alley, my happy place. 


Day 09 "Collection"


Day 10 "Magical Food"
Magical Food: Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans! Our favorite nasties!


Day 11 "Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
Weasleys Wizard Wheezes on display in my Room of Requirements 


Day 12 "Holidays at Hogwarts"
🏰 The glorious Hogwarts castle lit up in holiday lights, the evening skies are smoky with the fireworks that preceded, and an emotionally charged lot of Potterheads stand hypnotized by the amazing holiday lights and fireworks show they’ve just experienced ⚡️πŸ°πŸ»πŸš‚9¾ 


Day 13 "Classes"
I could stand and look at this scene forever. It’s a staged scene of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom inside the Hogwarts castle at the the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Riders form queues here while they wait their turn for riding The Forbidden Journey. But I let everybody pass by me while I stand here and listen to Harry, Ron, and Hermione plan a scheme that plays out on the ride ahead.


Day 14 "Pets"

✨🐾Magical Pets Meet & Greet ••• Presenting Fawkes the Phoenix, Pigwidgeon the owl πŸ¦‰, Ms Shadow the cat, Skeeter the Niffler, Willy the Bowtruckle, Jellybean the Pygmy Puff, Norbert the Hungarian Horntail, a chocolate frog, a Cornish Pixie and Geralt the Toad ••• I have a Hungarian Horntail that I did not add because I was pressed for time and had already taken the photo πŸ˜‰ •••


Day 15 "Wizarding Schools"