Monday, April 2, 2018

B for Butt Of Fear Should Be Kicked

I am infamous for jumping beyond leaps and bounds and I have earned this reputation by sticking up to my fears. But HOLD ON!!! I am not a daredevil, no Herculean strength in my body, and no Houdini escape tricks up my sleeve. But I have learned in 31 years of my life that the only way to get rid of fear is to face it head on even if it makes you let go of bladder control!
I can confidently say this because I finally faced my biggest fear --- okay no, the biggest fear is marriage --- but one of the biggest fears --- driving the highways. I had been putting it off since 7 years now --- who said courage comes quick? --- I had been driving hour long drives via inroads for regular 30 minute routes to destinations.
I would freeze the minute someone said highway. And then there was this verbal disclaimer we had to give to everybody "She doesn't do highways" as if I was a pregnant woman abstaining from alcohol! Good God! The shame! 
The biggest thing you can say to yourself to kick fear's butt is what Hermione said about Lord Voldie. No offense to the awesome, noseless villain of the wizarding world! 

So I go by the idea that if EVERYONE is doing it (okay, the majority) then it won't kill me. And even if it did kill me, I would go down in full glory like the one who tried! I heard Will Smith say once in some pep talk about confrontation with fear. He was talking about skydiving in Dubai! The craziest you can possibly do! Do watch it is funny and worth listening to. "The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear!"

1. Ask a savvy highway driver to accompany you for training.
2. Eat a good breakfast because you're going to need it!
3. Don't drink too many fluids because your bladder would be going bonkers anyways.
4. Have the Waze app set up on your phone, and phone set up at eye level in the car.
5. Think what Will Smith thought "You don't wanna be the only punk who doesn't jump out of the airplane."6. Breathe.7. Keep a candy to suck on in your mouth - helps keeps the jaw loose - I have TMJ and stress worsens it!8. Think of the endless possibilities you are going to open for yourself!

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  1. One of my kids was terrified to get on the highway. Now they don't think twice about it. Now I'm dealing with another who shares that same fear while my third didn't care at all. I'm so proud of you, for overcoming your fear and kicking it's butt! Go You! Rock on!!



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