Tuesday, May 1, 2018

X - X-Factor: Tips For A Power Personality

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a power personality a 100% - it's a work in progress. 

EXPLORE THE SHADES OF YOUR PERSONALITY --- I have learned greatly to accept some hardcore weaknesses of my personality. There are some things I cannot do, some paths I do not wish to walk on, some things I am not capable of. These are the paths I avoid treading on to avoid acute failure. Also, I have recognized some incredible strengths. I take to them to build the bridges worth building. Marks should be made --- even if small, insignificant ones --- 

CREATIVE EXPRESSION --- is the beacon of success for anyone who wishes to develop an x-factor personality. I have observed that people with the gift of artistic expression are rare personality types and I identify with them. I have been a strange person since time immemorial and have been labeled the same. I beg to differ and I have an alternative eye for things and I continue to be this way. My creative expression is via poetry, microblogging, creative arts and crafts, and even cooking ...

LET PEOPLE KNOW --- earlier ... in the dinosaur age ... when I was called a 'freak' a lot because of my abilities, I refused to come out of my shell. I didn't have enough guts in the face of bullies to say out loud I was good at so many things different from them. I have learned that that was the biggest mistake --- staying in the shell! It is fair to tell the world what you do even if it is a tiny little speck of something! 


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