Monday, April 23, 2018

T - Tips From A Savvy Landlady

I was a nervous train wreck when I got into the property management biz. Gradually, as I learned through trial and error, things changed. I cannot say I am any less bonkers than I ever was but I am not the Greek tragedy that I used to be. The tips I am about to deliver to your doorstep right now are good for home management!

  • Only hire licensed, bonded/insured people for your works such as handymen, plumbers, and contractors. 
  • Don't call servicemen after 5pm. Happy hour puts them in a mood and they can always send you a "kissing cat" emoji, or try talking with you in an unprofessional way.
  • Get used to packing to-go lunches for days when servicemen are coming over at rental properties.
  • Always pay using your checkbook so you can stop payment or have the record.
  • Don't let any work start before finalizing a price and getting a work invoice.
  • Always read Google Reviews of companies you find online.
  • Avoid using handymen who charge by the hour. They end up charging a lot more than what a simple job costs.

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  1. Good tips, thanks. I also read the Facebook page for my town and county to read who others recommend for a job such as plumbing.

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