Friday, June 12, 2015

National Poetry Writing Month April 2015 Collection

I was not a very regular poet, really. I left off midway to write the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. But nevertheless, here are a few pieces that I did manage to re-feature/compose.

Growing Weary

"So take your agenda home, please,
Bother not and don't tell why or how.
It's past the midnight hour,
And I am growing weary now."

Death Whispered in My Ear

"The story ended at last,
When death whispered in my ear."

"There's none who shares the same madness
That God has gifted me.
Anomaly - they call me,
And I continue to be."


"I am just another caged angel. "

"Soothing the dilemma of the unexpressed,
Easing the agony of the depressed.
Loyal friends, well-wishers,
A pen and a piece of paper."

"Yes, I dwell in dreams -
Dreams of my own choice -
I rhyme with words unknown to you,
And in surreal colors I rejoice."

"You want me to paint your rainbow,
But your rules keep me back.
For your colors are simple seven,
And my rainbow even has a black."


"No meaning would describe
What the pages portrayed."

""Hear ye! Hear ye!" 
I scream, standing at the front deck,
"What the heck? What the heck?"
Here it sinks; the ship of my sanity,
And with it go all reason and rhyme.
"No time! No time!""

Anathema Of Lazarus

""Ah! What so, if I live like an outcaste?!
I look forward to the last laugh!""

Vendetta Against The World: Prologue

"Like a fortress I'll defend my stance,
Against the sickeningly absurd.
 And so I am now on a journey -
A vendetta against the world."

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