Friday, April 10, 2015


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Poem from the Vendetta Against The World collection

Greetings! says the deviant
I speak from a fantasy state of mind.
I dream in black, I cry poetry,
And I am an unusual kind.
I smile through violent storms,
I worry when seas are calm.
Stable steel, I fight with silence;
From the ruthless social bomb.
There are bits about me
They don't understand
I puzzle them; confused,
They refuse to shake a loyal hand.
They feign emotional drama
While I invest the real
And when I question their reality
It's a mortal combat deal.
Their's is a concealed urban legend,
An open book life I live.
I hold the grudge and never forget
I might just forgive.
A zealous friend I stand like a fool
In a commercial exchange of friendship.
An ardent lover I tread like an idiot
In the fraudulent race of kinship.
I bear an un-healing gash or two,
On a silent beating heart.
I may forgive, but cannot forget
Each wrong even after my soul departs.
There's none who shares the same madness
That God has gifted me.
Anomaly - they call me,
And I continue to be.

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