Sunday, April 12, 2015

Growing Weary

Poem from Vendetta Against The World collection

I am growing weary now,
Of a couple of things, really.
I could pen them down,
And then feel downright silly.
I might as well just do it,
As a reminder for my mind
So it doesn't jump into it all
Driven by emotions so blind.
I am growing weary now,
Of the social commentary;
Comparisons and suggestions,
From a self-proclaimed jury.
Your critique is not required, thanks,
I live my own circumstance.
My ball is not in your court,
Please continue your own victory dance.
 I am growing weary now,
Of fake standards of perfection.
Your theologies, ideologies, 
Legends of your pure evolution.
I set my own standards,
Good and evil is pretty simple.
I take my own notes on life
The rest I can crumple.
So take your agenda home, please,
Bother not and don't tell why or how.
It's past the midnight hour,
And I am growing weary now.


  1. Hello, I’m stopping in from A to Z and thanks for your continued participation!

    Stephen Tremp
    an A-Z Cohost
    @StephenTremp on Twitter

    1. Thanks so much Stephen. A to Z has been amazing for me.


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