Saturday, April 4, 2015

Black In My Rainbow

Graphic credits rainbow by nikosalpha
Originally composed on August 31, 2006

Your petty world I refuse to accept
For your rainbows have no black.
I condemn them; your fake realities,
The substance of morose, they lack.
Behold! For what you see is sunshine.
Alas! What you hear is only rain.
What my vision sees is macabre,
My senses hear sounds of pain.
Your propaganda is prosperity
Your conscious neglect; the decay.
You give me your world to rejoice
Not knowing it's my original dismay.
You talk of rivers full of life,
The rivers of blood you ignore.
My vessel combats the raging waves,
You talk of bounties on shore.
You want me to paint your rainbow,
But your rules keep me back.
For your colors are simple seven,
And my rainbow even has a black.

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