Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Lessons Learned At 30: Once Bitten Twice Shy

I have lived multiple shark movie sequels in 30 years of existence. Too many sharks! Each one was a different breed and caused a different kind of damage. Each one had a different attack strategy which caught me off guard. So, I took notes - I identified each type - and did not let the same attack happen. Some fast facts:
  • Identify things, people, circumstances that cause heartbreak. Cage your heart.
  • Don't scatter your heart in all the wrong places!
  • Don't be impulsive.
  • Take time to make decisions.
  • Don't expect things from people.
  • Don't compromise your comfort zone.
  • Don't make a stupid decision because of social pressure of any kind.
  • Take notes from your failures.
  • Don't make the same mistakes with your health again.


  1. It's important to protect your heart, but give it room to breathe. It's a tough balance, isn't it? If I had all the answers ...

    Glad I found you through the A to Z!


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