Monday, April 17, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Lessons Learned At 30: Never Step Out Of Your League

Remember high school, when the social sphere was categorized into groups and everybody identified themselves with a specific kind? 
Well, that never ends. The mean girls become the kitty party bullies of the society who make groups and live to exclude 'commoners' and stamp over their existence. Socialite gossipmongers turn into matrimonial matchmakers (in Desi culture at the very least). The Goths become misfit hermit poets/writers or travelers with wanderlusts (that would be me!). And the misfit is a subjective term. We have a brilliant niche of our own and we can relate (hypothetically!) to those like ourselves. 
Whichever niche you belong to should be where you stay to survive happily. The other side does not have your kind of cookies. I learned that if I compromise my standards, I am going to suffer big time. Stepping out of my league - exploring other social circles - is difficult/alien ground and there is always intolerance. The human race is intolerant! I can clearly tell - at this stage in life - that there are exclusive social clubs all around me:
  • 'Devil Hubby Worship Club' - self-explanatory! 
  • 'Mommies Club' - ladies with kids
  • 'Famous Socialites Club' - they want you to offer them tributes! Or you're out!
  • 'Senior Matchmakers Club' - they keep records of all singles
  • 'Young and Desperate Club' - they will only swoon over eligible bachelors
  • 'Kitty Party Club' - the soirees, the exclusiveness!
I figured if we apply the same principle to high school life, life of teens would be so much easier. Majority of problems stem from trying too hard to fit in with a group that's VERY different from them. The best sense of belonging is with one's own self, and then with people like one's self. I am not saying shut off the above mentioned groups, but try not to rely on them for unconditional friendship. The Hubby Worship Club will make you feel like a lesser human being if you are single. The Mommies will make sure you recognize them as wonder women and give them the credit for missing out anything besides their children. The Famous Socialites won't know you exist - even if they do they'll pass right through you. Senior Matchmakers will bring you down because they judge you on everything about your existence. You will be holding a bucket to collect the drool of the Young and Desperate Club, and Kitty Party Club has its pros and cons.
Personal standards of whom you think are right and wrong should never be compromised. Keep company that value and respects you!


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