Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kitchenspiration 2017: 2016 Kitchen Recap

When 2016 started I made REALLY big bucket lists for my kitchen adventures. I was talking like a sous chef or something of the sort. And then the year took off and so did my wild travel plans and in-between work and home management. I don't know where my kitchen adventures went. Culinary inspiration was almost zero this year. I went on another tangent and made stuff that was not on my adventures list. Here are some of the delicious recipes I am particularly happy about:
Prawn Masala 

2017 Kitchen List

Coconut Macaroons

These could be ideal low-cal snacks and there could be a sugar-free version as well. So these are definitely on the 2017's simpletons list.


I have never made a real soup before. All my soups are cheat mode instant pour-the-powder-from-sachet-and-get-creative type of soups. I got my hands on an immersion hand blender which is a magic device that purees anything inside a pot! So, I feel like making a real soup in 2017 now.


There has to be more Chinese in 2017. Definitely. Proper spices, proper techniques!


This is a wishful project being carried over from 2016. I really want to do this this year, insha'Allah. Since it is Sooji (Semolina) I may be able to pull off a sugar free version too!

Coffee Cake

2017 --- I am making that rich coffee flavor cake! The icing is also coffee! I so want to make it this year. I ate this in 2016 at a party and I have been in love ever since.

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