Sunday, November 15, 2015

#6wkMMM Week2Day1: Desolation Of Smaug Begins

Good day fellow Middle-Earthlings!

Week 2 of the #6wkMMM has taken off today. I am still waiting for them to announce the winner of the AUJ giveaway - An Unexpected Cookbook. I know that winning chances are slim, considering I have never really won anything. Okay, well I did once on Instagram. It was a Soundless rune sticker from The Mortal Instruments. But still, I have very little faith. 

This week's Weta Workshop giveaway is a Mirkwood Gaol Key. 

Taken by the Elves and unwilling to confess the true reason for his trespass to King Thranduil™, Thorin Oakenshield™ and his Dwarf companions are thrown in the Elvenking’s dungeons to rot. A hundred years is nothing in the life of an Elf, while to the Dwarves just a few days delay might cost them their quest.
How will they escape?
The Mirkwood Gaol Key was designed by John Howe and created for the film by the artists at the 3 Foot 7 Art Department in Wellington, New Zealand.
This prop replica has been cast from moulds of the original prop. It is cast in metal (Zinc Alloy) and comes on a stand made of polyurethane.
This is clearly a key of significance, firmly backed up by its heft and the attention to detail.
The Mirkwood Gaol Key is part of a range of high end authentic prop replicas from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. All created by the artists in the filmmaking community of Wellington, New Zealand.
Dimensions above are for the key itself, the stand adds about ½ inch (12 mm) to the height.
 This Week's Suggestions From Middle-Earth News
  • Cook Middle-earth inspired meals/snacks: Something involving fish in honor of Lake-town, desserts with walnuts, or even spicy dishes fit for Smaug!
  • Listen to the soundtrack while running errands or just when you need some Middle-earth in your ears.
  • Take photos of your DOS DVDs and movie merchandise and post them on social media with the hashtag #6wkMMM
  • Watch the movie with friends and/or family. If you can’t meet in person try out Google Hangouts or Skype
Favorite Elves: Rivendell Elves

The Rivedell elves are higher than the Mirkwood elves. But the class differences is not entirely my reason for liking them. I feel that Rivendell is more majestic, more grand, more beautiful than Mirkwood. The Rivendell elves are more beautiful, more imperial looking. P.S. Legolas is from Rivendell. That's where my loyalties are ... with the proud, blonde one.

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