Monday, April 16, 2018

N - Never Bring Your Complain To A Man

Before any of the readers of this post decide to launch an attack on me for being a feminist, please be warned that I am not speaking like a woman who likes to overrule men and question their authority. I am just a fed up one ... who is tired of being overruled all the time.
The gentlemen I have come across in my 31 years of life have; unfortunately, always refused to consider my problem as a problem. I have always gotten a lot of dismissive waves of the hands.
Apparently it has to be Dotty the asteroid speeding towards me to qualify as a real problem. And then ... it would be my fault I didn't move out of the way. ---*FACEPALM*--- So technically, head and tail are both not in my favor when I take a problem to their table. 
For starters, I am taken as a dumb broad who knows nothing about anything. My knowledge, acumen, expertise don't matter. What would I know of the world? I am a lady. Next comes the matter of voicing a complain. A woman has limitations, alright? And we need opinion and assistance of the men around us. 
And they cannot offer that without putting up a pompous display of strength! I get a "Ha! Told you so" when I make a mistake. I try telling them something's wrong, someone's wrong ... and my complain can go take a hike because they don't have ears for it. O, and they always have something superior to tell me. Mostly, it is a solution as difficult as a NASA mission so I know I won't be able to do it! 
This is the reason why I have always been gathering up guts every now and then to try and achieve the most impossible! It is not always achievable but the continuous trying changes you. So before you transform into the above depicted character ... keep your complaining to yourself. 

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