Tuesday, April 17, 2018

O - Only God Can Decide The Best Course

It takes a great deal of experience, an unbelievable load of patience, and sincere blind faith to learn this lesson. And once I did, life became a lot more peaceful. I understood that the story of my life (and everyone else's) is being written by the One Who only writes Masterpieces. So, mine is one too! Every route, every direction, every incident is pre-decided and there's a perfect timing for every little bit. 
Earlier, I was a big time ball of fear due to uncertainty. I am still a panic ball --- *HEE HEE*--- but the uncertainty is gone. This doesn't mean I have turned into an ecstatic hippy because that's not what I am implying. I haven't given up the struggle. I am still putting up a fight everyday but I am not that crazy anymore to be losing my hair over it. 

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