Sunday, October 8, 2017

Harry Potter Socks Gala

This is dedicated to Dobby. R.I.P.
"You can never have too many socks, but there was only one Dobby." - The Abbie.
Luna Lovegood No Show Socks
I found the Harry Potter Luna Lovegood No Show socks at Hot Topic! They're called 'no show' because they're literally just on the foot and don't show from your shoes. So even if you are sitting at the conference table and signing a million dollar deal, you can still be wearing Spectrespecs socks! They were a contrast from the typical Gryffindor loot (scarlet and yellow). The hot pinks and blues caught my eye and I grabbed a set. They are priced at $14.90 but they came down to half price because of our Hot Topic Hot Cash coupon. 
Chibi No Show Socks
These cute socks were too hard to ignore. Featuring Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hedwig, and Dobby, these were such a treat. The colors are my favorite traditional red, black, and Hogwarts! Watch my video flipping through them.
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Kohl's Harry Potter Socks
There was a clearance and these awesome socks were for $6.50. I like the bit where they have glitter. The 'Muggle' in 'Muggle Born' is all glitter. 
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  1. I AM GOING TO DO A SOCKS HAUL ENTRY TOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D These socks are the best socks in our sock drawer!

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