Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Diaries and Fall Conspiracy

I shall say this, I am not in the right frame of mind when I am writing this *scratches head* Fall is here but weirdly. Something's up --- some Fall conspiracy. East Coast is not getting the full Fall magic this year. Too hasty to judge, I say, people are getting impatient I believe. Give it time, you impatient humans, give it time. Sara says there was news (she reads the news!) that due to higher temperatures that leaves are not changing colors as vibrantly as they normally do and are choosing to directly fall to the ground instead. Hmm, everything seems to be developing a mind of its own --- everybody in fact --- is developing a pseudo brain of their own. 
Everything develops character when October begins to transition into November. For me that is. Starbucks has the new delicious seasonal lattes (my acid burned stomach says ouch!), there are Falloween movies (undead women climbing out of vents!) on TV, and a teasing chill in the air that's brought out my leather jackets and cardigans. October Photography Month (OctoPhoMo) has been my creative project for the month, just like every year. I have been so loyal to the photo challenge. It's a part of my life now and October feels incomplete without it. I am working on a bucket list but I am growing weary of buckets. Let's just say, lists and all are way too binding. At the brink of 31, I do not wish to be bound by anything... To be bound is a conspiracy. 
This has been an unforgiving year. Truly. And, I do not wish to revise its low notes. They've been hard-hitting and have taught me great lessons for a lifetime. A popular phrase 'turning over a new leaf' crosses my mind. I don't think I can turn any more leaves, this feels like the final change. Survival is my last strategy. A silent one, a strong one, a reclusive one. And that is my conspiracy.

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  1. One: I don't read the news. It was in my Facebook feed!
    Two: I'm loving whatever Fall changes we're getting! :D

    Oh and I love you! <3


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