Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why I Love America?

Happy Fourth of July! 
Like a Lady Boss that I am, I went out in the sultry heat and tied the Star Spangled Banner to our lamppost in that newly done Spring/Summer flowerbed. Trust me, it goes perfectly with the Dusty Millers and the Snapdragons (they're flowers if you are wondering). Doing this has been on my life's bucket list since 2001. Don't go figuring, I am about to tell you my USA love story.
I used to live in Karachi (City of Lights (and loadshedding (power cuts) in Pakistan). Now here is a BIG disclaimer for my Pakistani 'overzealous' patriotic friends who might be planning to charge at me with harpoons and spears! ... I am proud of my motherland, Pakistan, although I do have a vendetta with its social system (but then ... I have a global vendetta going on in me head!). This piece of writing is entirely about the sheer freedom, liberty, and blessed quality of life that my new motherland, America has given me. Despite the fact that we have a very difficult uncle serving presidency nowadays, but majority of the people want him to change for the better. 
I became a US alien (popped some antennae and grew bug eyes! *kidding*) in the early 90s. Ever since my family has been bouncing from this country to Pakistan on and off before we finally decided to live here permanently.
This Is The Home Of Disneyland, Universal Studios, & Hollywood!
I was a Disney kid! My summer vacations were Disneyland! The cups, plates, and bowls that I ate in had Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck on them! This was serious. And each year, the trip costed a fortune. Then I grew up to be a movie buff. What are you going to do? Then Hollywood and Universal Studios became my dream spots. Everyone else who lived in America visited so easily, and I had to fly all the way across the planet to visit them. The insanity level of my Harry Potter fandom is beyond approximation now. So I am thankful The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Hollywood, and Disneyland are all around me now! I can breathe.
Seasons Are So Eventful Here
Barbecues and camping in Summer, leaf piles, changing colors of foliage, and bonfires in Fall, snow in Winter, and Cherry Blossoms in Spring. There is so much happening here. Every month there is something new to look forward to. The beautiful festivities minimize the tough parts of life. 
Craft Stores
 And this is just the colored paper aisle
DIY, stationery, crafts ... O my God I get a big fit each time I visit Michael's, Target, HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and etc. Karachi does not have heavy duty craft stores dedicated entirely to crafts and of the seasonal sort. There are aisles in stores sorted by the type of crafting hobby you wish to take on. Quilting, jewelry making, woodwork, painting, etc.
There is cable television (dunno what it exactly means) in Karachi and my provider did not give us the TLC and Freeform I need in my life.
Quality of Healthcare
Medical care is a boon in America. There are so many specialists that are skilled in dealing with specifics of the human body. Alternative medicine is very advanced here. The prime focus here is to minimize pain and maximize comfort and healing. I mean I have seen my mother suffer in agony bearing a colonoscopy while awake! My grandmother - a multiple myeloma patient - had a spine biopsy done while awake! A rheumatologist was abusing my mother on pain management drugs, and finding female practitioners was very, very difficult.
The People
They smile and greet you in stores and around. Despite the hate vibe going around, and the occasional nasty stares, majority of people I come across are friendly. I get compliments on how colorful my Hijab is and how beautiful my dress is. People mind their own businesses in Karachi. I cannot expect to get a compliment from anybody in stores in Karachi. Nobody care to even return your smile because that is simply not normal there. I was visiting once and I was at a supermarket and a lady came up behind me and started discussing a hair product. It is normal for American people to talk to each other and share opinions while shopping. So, I started answering a question she had asked. Then I said 'I don't know' to something and she wrinkled her face! She told me she thought I worked there (in a derogatory tone!) and I said a curt 'No I don't' and she gave me a head to toe look and shrugged saying I looked like a worker from the way I was dressed! Folks! This is where I wished President Trump's travel ban upon this wannabe who thought using a western hair product would solve issues INSIDE her thick skull too!
So Much To See
There are the natural wonders; caves, mountains, waterfalls, and forests, and there are the human wonders; Statue of Liberty, Disney, Universal Studios, Las Vegas, New York City, and so much more, and they are worth living close to. 
Law & Justice Systems

9-1-1 is real and they respond (personal experience!), security systems are real, the police force is competent for the most part and they do their job well, the F.B.I. is amazing, and the armed forces are tough and hardcore in their duties to the motherland. I am aware of rage hate crimes done by racially discriminating law enforcement officers, but those are unfortunate exceptions. I know that when I seek help, I won't be talking to a bunch of non-responsive idiots just doing their time in uniform. 
Everything Is Available!

Think like this ... if you are diabetic there is a world of no sugar added and sugar-free goodies, if you are lactose intolerant they have dairy-free, there is gluten-free for sensitive people too! Check this ... there are vegan options for vegetarians. There are even special shoes for diabetics.   
These were my two cents on why I love America. *winks* & also a photo of my Star Spangled Banner that I put out this year. 


  1. This is so brilliant! :D Every single one of those points! Yay YOO ES AY! <3


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