Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Harry Potter July Happening At 'Sara Writes'

*shivers of fandom insanity* *Diagon Alley music score plays in my euphoric state of mind* It is always like a drug-induced state for me and Sara when anything and everything HP happens. For the past 5 years, almost every year, we have been walking the cobbled stone streets of The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter (Orlando, FL). And each year the magic keeps getting stronger and stronger (P.S. I have started to resemble Bellatrix Lestrange at home in my PJ mode). And Sara and I keep getting madder and madder. We could easily be taken as the lady version of the Weasley Twins. Together we make mischief happen! Whether it is us at the movies watching HP movies, screaming at the top of lung capacities when Bellatrix Lestrange plummets our Gringotts cart down into the dark of death, cheering like mad when we chase Harry through the Quidditch field 
Sara came up with the idea of Harry Potter July - because she can! - and it has taken off this year (2017 - to be written in history!) on her blog Sara Writes. I have no clue what I would be sharing but I know for a fact I have so much to share! You can expect to find:
  • Photos of my HP merchandise 
  • Videos & photos of our trips to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter
  • Harry Potter crafts
  • Favorite HP quotes
  • So much more ...
Stay tuned for more! 

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  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! We do this togetherrrrrrrrrrr :D
    I'm thinking of making it an every year thing!


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