Sunday, April 23, 2017


This Spring (2017) I am committing to handwritten snippets of poetry wherever I can find the space to write. Letters and Pieces (2017) is a 30 poem collection written impromptu (according to prompts given by throughout the month of April (2017) for National Poetry Writing Month. As days go by, the Index for Letters and Pieces will grow.

Day 23: Having a cup of chai/coffee is a personal moment dear to me and it makes life worth living.


  1. I've taken an interest in poetry again after attending my first ever poetry reading last week. I can't say any of the poems I've written thus far have been any good (already revieved one rejection - yay). Any tips or resources for a novice like me?

    1. Hey dearest Rafia, I died temporarily and couldn't reply! I suggest you DON'T self-reject anything you write! *strict Severus Snape stare* If some word craft is coming out of you, it will be good and I am confident about that. I don't use any resources - words just come to me. When I am stuck for a rhyming though I visit and it sorts out tough situations. This NaPoWriMo challenge is the only poetry blogging deal I could lay my hands on in cyberspace and so the celebration!


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