Monday, April 24, 2017

#AtoZ Challenge Lessons Learned At 30: Treat Yourself

Life is hard. Period.
Treats are must!
Have cheat days in crash diets. Cake won't kill!
Retail therapy for sore nerves.
Indulge in your favorite Starbucks seasonal drink!
Give yourself gifts.
Get yourself some eye candy.
Free yourself some alone time.
Make yourself something delicious.
Buy some decor for your room, garden, wherever your cave is at!
Binge your favorite show on Netflix.
Be lazy for a day.
Have a day off with your sibling!

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  1. Agreed! So... what are you going to treat yourself to for completing the A-Z Challenge? :)

    I've asked my husband to take me out for a nice Afternoon Tea as a post-challenge treat. Although that will probably be after a lot of sleep because my brain is like mush lol!

    Here's my "T" post :)


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