Sunday, April 2, 2017

Brew A Heartbreak

1. In a large saucepan of a gentle heart, Mix well the hurtful words.
2. Add a dash of arrogance uttered, Proud mutterings, the bitter gourds.
3. Melt your self-respect, Your confidence.
4. Take the 'No's' and steam them in.
5. Sift some grains of a happy ending.
6. Take feelings, begin chopping.
7. Get dreams broken, Toss them in.
8. Shattered expectations, Blend well.
9. That is how a heartbreak is brewed, my loves,
10. Serve a powerful recipe, Only taste can tell!
Bon Appetit
- The Abbie
This Spring (2017) I am committing to handwritten snippets of poetry wherever I can find the space to write. Letters and Pieces (2017) is a 30 poem collection written impromptu (according to prompts given by throughout the month of April (2017) for National Poetry Writing Month. As days go by, the Index for Letters and Pieces will grow.

Day 02: Today's poem is a recipe - prompted by "write a poem inspired by, or in the form of, a recipe! It can be a recipe for something real, like your grandmother’s lemon chiffon cake, or for something imaginary, like a love potion or a spell." You KNOW I don't do love potions HAHA so I picked a recipe for heartbreak. For the photograph and media used: I used my Three Broomsticks and Wizarding World of Harry Potter beverage containers ensemble. P.S. That menu card is the REAL deal from The Three Broomsticks - it was pretty old and they had objections with me taking it. I wrote on a Halloween witch's lab notepad paper with a black gel pen.

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