Thursday, April 20, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Lessons Learned At 30: Quit Soda It Kills

You might be wondering WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? How can this petty thing be a life lesson? Well, dearings, it is! I let the damned thing corrode my guts for ages before I became a permanent G.E.R.D and H.Pylori patient. It was a cause for many, many problems and my gut was the biggest one!
It was followed by cravings, sore throat, and teeth stains. I was drinking diet so I was under the impression that it won't contribute to me being a muffin top. But guess what? It does! The fake sugars in their make you swell up like Aunt Marge! I have been soda-free for 2 years now and the change has been amazing! My stomach is not an inferno anymore, the H.Pylori is under control, the teeth sensitivity has gone down, and my throat does not feel raw. The change happened when I poured some expired soda down the sink. Only, that there was a used baking tray sitting in the sink and it retained the soda. After a couple hours, I went to do the dishes and I drained the soda out of the tray and WHOAAAAA! the burned grease stains had disappeared!
In the following days I found myself pouring my sink some hard drinks. Turns out that the concoction is a brilliant deodorant as well for the trash compactor that stinks up after a while. So, they're selling those $6 lemon capsules for nothing! 75 cent soda can do the trick and it's quite a supply! So, the soda now sits - instead of the pantry - in my cleaning supplies under the sink! 
Some folks don't appreciate this advice and continue sipping! There's a whole list of deadly honey-do jobs that sodas can do around the drains and gutters for you if you have to know. IF is the word here though. Besides, it wore of an asphalt roadway when a soda company's syrup spilled! Heaps of YouTube videos for proof! And if you still don't wish to take the advice ...


  1. I'd heard about soda being good for cleaning but haven't tried it out - it's really that good huh? Interesting! :) I've never been a soda drinker, I just can't stand the fake-taste of it. I'm glad you've kicked the habit, it's definitely better going without all that fizzy sugar! :)

    (Sorry I've been slow to catch up on blog reading this week, it's been crazy here lol!)

    Here's my "Q" post :)

  2. Soda is a horrible thing to drink. I order unsweetened iced tea with lemon now. It was difficult to give up though because it is thirst quenching. Good post.


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