Thursday, April 27, 2017

#A to Z Challenge: Lessons Learned at 30: Wallow When You Need To

I was watching Gilmore Girls and I stand by Lorelai's advice. Wallowing is important, it is the first step to recover from any sort of crap life has given you. I feel like it is a nature's call as well! And I am infamous to have ignored that many year ago and I am carrying the baggage. For future reference I give myself the room to wallow and pause life if something disturbing happens. 
It happens so that we spend so much time keeping our guard up to fight the world around us that we deny ourselves the liberty to crack and collapse when in the in-between moments we can. It is okay - in fact healthy - to let the guard down sometimes and sit on the John and cry. Or do it your way, the pillow, whatever! There is no graceful way to wallow and nobody looks pretty doing it! 

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