Sunday, March 26, 2017

Back To Hobbiton

I can very well imagine my old days like Bilbo Baggins (female, of course!), sitting in my study and writing down my adventures for my own Frodo (my, niece, Maryam). I may not have a dragon tale up my sleeve (or perhaps I might! I am just 30 right now after all - long way to go). 

Nevertheless, I can actually be that Bilbo of an Aunt, I believe, because I see the world from his perspective. Everything's an adventure (it has to be); now that I have gotten the hang of it (life!), but one must always be close to the comforts of home and one's garden. Dinner --- should never be late! And, doilies should be respected! There is zero tolerance for silly business of others and happiness is found in the simplest of things and most personal moments.
It was a treat, as I wrote in my last entry, when The Hobbit movies were announced because I was getting a chance  to hop on the Middle-earth bandwagon again (with Gandalf's fireworks!). Finally I could share my newfound love for Middle-earth with the world and nobody would give me the look as if I was talking about an ancient relic of a phenomenon.
Martin Freeman appeared in Peter Jackson's production vlogs (and later the trailers) as the young Bilbo who was to accompany the Company of Thorin Oakenshield and help the dwarves of Erebor win back their homeland from the clutches of the fire-breathing dragon Smaug. So far, there was no clue as to what the dragon would look like. 
The very sight of the Shire, Hobbiton, the Hobbit hole, Bilbo sitting in his garden smoking the pipe, and Gandalf arriving at his door with riddles and mystery was just too much happiness to handle.
I am back in Hobbiton today as I watch the beginning of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012). There will be many more memories as I participate in the 6 Week Middle-earth Movie Marathon. 


  1. I shall never leave The Shire! I know for a fact that I'm a hobbit - I just said so out loud a few days ago. I'm short, I love to eat, and there's cows galore in The Shire. I wish I could join you on your 6-week adventure, m'dear! <3

    1. Me neither! I could live a Hobbit hole all my life. They've made Hobbiton in New Zealand! Have you seen that? It's near Wellington and that's where they did the actual shoot. Man! That is one dream I have! Keep visiting my blog, that's how you can be a part of the 6 week marathon. I am going to share so much love! LOTR weeks are the last 3!


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