Thursday, March 23, 2017

6 Week Middle-Earth Movie Marathon #6wkMMM 2017

I am one of those last-mover crazies who does everything when the world has done doing it. I watch movies when the DVD comes out and movies go off the cinema screens, watch YouTube viral videos when they are not viral anymore, and watch TV show seasons when they disappear from TV and show up on Netflix (an year later!). Naturally, I watched Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001) in 2010 ... 10 years after the movie hit the cinema screens and broke global records for everything. It became a legendary cinematic masterpiece and a phenomenon more than a film. I watched the trilogy, one movie after the other, like one would consume a bottle of happy pills. I don't think anything on any screen has created this big of an impact on my life as LOTR. There were life lessons, powerful dialogue, thrilling battle scenes, and heartwarming little stories embedded in each movie. Perhaps there was a sinking void in my heart that needed filling. That's exactly what the movies did to me. 
After watching the LOTR trilogy I was seriously cursing myself for missing out on the LOTR madness when it was the big thing in 2001. What was I doing back then? I was dealing with high school - trying to stay on the honor roll! I couldn't believe my ears when they announced The Hobbit soon after I finished watching LOTR. What good did I do in the world to deserve this? The magic was coming back, the fandom was being stirred alive (not that it ever died!), and I was going to be part of it this time! When Peter Jackson appeared in the first Hobbit production vlog, I was glued to my computer screen. I watched the first film being made - step by step - and it felt like Peter Jackson was talking to me and sharing my excitement about LOTR and the whole magic coming back to life. I remember how I watched the LIVE broadcast of the premiere launch of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. 
Middle-earth News celebrates the 6 Week Middle-earth Movie Marathon annually and that is my cue to break into a Bilbo run and celebrate both trilogies.
An Unexpected Journey: March 25–March 31

The Desolation of Smaug: April 01–April 07
The Battle of the Five Armies: April 08–April 14
The Fellowship of the Ring: April 15–April 21
The Two Towers: April 22–April 28
The Return of the King: April 29–May 05
I'm going to recycle my Bucket List because this is exactly what I intend to do as always! Hopefully, I'll be more committed this time, and might win something from the giveaways! My mind is pretty chaotic and overloaded with pressures and I need this kind of movie binge.


  1. OMG! Can I please join you? LOTR was the only thing that kept me alive in high school. I wasn't a fan before, but when I saw fotr for the first time a few months later in our basement, I had fallen in love. I am still in love. Unfortunately, I didn't get into the Hobbit series. I think LOTR is a much better story. They had a movie night at this local quirky coffee shop and I watched rotk again. That movie still brings me to tears! Yay for muslimah lotr nerds. <3

    1. Hey Rafia!
      I KNEW that the LOTR on your new header is Lord Of The Rings. I just knew it! LOTR has saved me in more ways than one. And yes, LOTR is a cut above The Hobbit. But all movies are just a perfect saga collectively!

    2. Yay! You caught it. So my reasoning behind that was is that my actual laptop is an HP... but HP to me means Harry Potter and I was like, but I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter. I LOVE LOTR. My sister didn't get the change I made to her original drawing, but whatever. You got it! That's all that matters :)


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