Sunday, December 25, 2016

December Brain Fog

December is usually a beautiful, eventful holiday-feels month for me. I am seen scurrying around picking up beautiful ornaments to my liking, decorating the Abbie Cave to the gold and glittery winter theme. But something was slightly off about 2016 because I couldn't keep track of December - or any month for that matter. I cannot put my finger on as to what caused the irritable brain fog I have been experiencing. It was a complicated mix of work overload, a TMJ flare up due to my NTI bite plate cracking apart, medication, and managing everybody else's affairs.
I came across the term 'brain fog' online and I Googled because the unusual forgetfulness, lack of focus, and blankness was really causing troubles. I figured in my case it is not just plain stress. It is the lack of sleep (because I live like an owl!), lack of multivitamins, dehydration (because I never drink water!), and lack of physical activity (I have been a log, lately! Only my upper body moved because I was driving).
The most difficult challenge for me is to keep my calm through this fog, understand and correct it myself, and keep operating at 99.99% efficiency - business as usual. Imagine a fly buzzing around in your head and somebody asking you to maintain balance on a high wire rope. Good luck with that. 
So I am grabbing the bull by its horns. Since the planet will not slow its pace for my foggy brain, I will have to clear the fog myself. I started by cutting down my muscle relaxant that was supposed to keep my TMJ pain in control. The 'issue' seems to be getting better already. 
This fog has destroyed my creative drive this year. The Abbie HQ is a mess (that is my home office/ Abbie cave). My kitchen inspiration has gone down. I did not work on my art journal, I did not develop a solid blog routine. I am disappointed.
This fog will inshaAllah be lifting in 2017 and my highly motivated self will be indulging in hardcore creativity!


  1. AWWW Dear abbie you need some serious TLC. Even if its just an hour or few hours. take it out and just pamper yourself. It always does the magic and clears the fog to some extent if not clear it all 10000% If I were in maryland I would just kidnap you and lock you up in a spa for the day

  2. I threw my relaxant because of the same reason! :O bad stuff. I'm sure you'll clear the fog soon now that you're cutting back on it!
    Oh and you know I'm always there going through everything right by your side :D We'll doodle in the fog with our fingers together until it clears away!


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