Saturday, December 19, 2015

Abbie's Fall Showcase

Fall's been quite a show in my house. The displays were vibrant, bold, and festive.
In my writing room I decided to exhibit Fall on my crafts table. I'd found a beautiful black table runner with paisley embossed on it. I set up my chalkboard mural there and the black, purple, and gold florals added to the festivity. I found a golden hand that I have nicknamed "Hand Of Creativity". I am pretty fond of it. The haunted houses are from Dollar Tree. They are Halloween decorations. The Gothic frames are plastic resin and are my personal favorite for art display. The graphics on display are from various magazines.  
Closeup of the graphic

Fall chalkboard mural

Fall display on the living room center table


  1. These look super wonderful! Especially the hand of creativity and this pumpkin basket!!!

  2. Loveeeeee all of it. I am jealous of that chalkboard art, you know that! hmph hmph.
    PS: I'll be needing pictures of the center table arrangement!


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