Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Time Flies Even If Turkeys Don't"

This is my spread of today's evening. Alhamdulillah (All praise belongs to Allah), that's the way Muslims say their grace. I have yet to bake a turkey someday, with stuffing and all. But that is on the bucket list of life, not an immediate urgency. *LAUGHS* For now, I did Chicken Biryani to keep things simple [BIG PLANS AHEAD], and a sugar free Pumpkin Snack Cake - a recipe I picked up from Crazy For Crust. Those gorgeous triangles [SHAPE IDEA BY MOM], are the Pumpkin Snack Cake! They turned out delicious! Mum gave them a 5 tar rating which is awesome. The amazing looking sweet potato pot pie was done by S.I.L.

Google's Thanksgiving Makeover

Everyone's hearts and bellies WERE indeed full tonight, thank God. S.I.L. was worried she'd overdone the salt in her pie but what do you know ... it turned out great! Like a savory plus dessert kind of thing. The crust was salty and the filling was sweet. It all balanced. Everybody ate without thinking of calories. Sara had the next day's breakfast too! *LAUGHS OUT LIKE CRAZY* 

I am going to miss this President!

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