Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bloglanders Issue 2 (Review): My Blog Made Me Do It

Bloglanders is a newbie e-zine being published by Areeba - the wonderfully talented social blogger and artist. She's the mastermind behind Not Your Type Blog and also designs customized blog templates.


I was eagerly waiting for Bloglanders 2. The name sounds like a powerful blog revolution, no? Like Star Wars terminology! [Personal note to self: Please watch Star Wars because the entire planet has watched the movies]. ===== Back to the topic please ===== Bloglanders 2 theme was "My Blog Made Me Do It". So I got down to writing about the way Abbie's Adventure Diaries (A.A.D.) made me break my gold-plated shell and push the envelope. My life's equation was:

Hermit + Shy Fat Kid + Mama' Baby = Me

That was rewritten to:

Adventurer + Bold Beautiful Rockstar + Proud Mama's Baby = Me

The change happened because "My blog made do it". Simple. That's what my piece Breaking The Shell, Pushing The Envelope talks about in Bloglanders 2. O! And mine is the first story on the first page after the Editor's Note so I was dancing around (mentally of course!).

The e-zine moved on to comics by Areeba and I am a big admirer of those. I always look forward to her drawings. She keeps them simple, colorful, and super neat!

Her own piece My Blog Made Me A Better Person featured a beautiful Hijabi girl illustration. I really liked that. I am a Hijabi myself and a big fan of comics that are for Muslim ladies. We need more of those, Areeba!

There was a power line that ended her article. I just had to make a graphic out of that because those are words that describe the way I feel about my blog as well. You dig inside yourself, deep, and often you discover a new you. I have experienced healing myself with my words. And, I actually fixed my shattered self! Well written Areeba.

I recommend checking out those drawings that follow! There's a PC screen representing a blog and she's (yes! blog is female for me!) handing out a bottle of "Confidence". In another drawing she is showing you a clock and prompting you to make a post at 4 am. Areeba further wrote My Blog Asked Me What's Wrong and that really hit the spot. A personal blog really is your personal shrink, your best friend, even greater than family at times, because it listens to you.

Next month's theme is The Life Of A Bloggurl and my mind is already churning a colossal creative brew for it.

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  1. Thank you so much for this!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the next issue :)


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