Thursday, November 12, 2015

Breaking The Shell, Pushing The Envelope

Earlier (rewind to 10 years back); in my Dark Ages, I was cold-heartedly labeled as “the cornerstone”, “mamma’s baby”, and “the fat shy kid” by the demonic forces of the social universe. So when I proclaim that my blog is my knight in shining armor I am not bluffing. This chunk of cyberspace transformed me into a powerful young woman with concrete self-esteem.

My mind worked on the strategy “If I Can Write It I Can Do It” and I pushed the envelope, thought out of the box, and blasted out of my shell. Not that I hate my shell, it was made of gold so I covered myself in gold dust when I blasted out! Phew! I talk in riddles like Gandalf. I wrote journals to psychoanalyze myself and worked on game plans to rewrite my identity. The self-talk helped me motivate myself to change the labels plastered on my shell by the social demons. Time fast-forwarded - zoop, zoop, zam! - and I was the rockstar of my own show. The fat, shy kid lost weight and appeared at the lecterns holding a mic in her shaky (but confident) hands and spoke like a queen. I read my own words out. I incorporated lines (treasures) from my blog into my conversations with the social universe, in my poetry that I got published and read out to the demons. They were certainly shattered because of the creative glow.

Next, I took a quantum leap and turned to adventures. You show the world you can make memories, accomplish tiny little feats in the niche you are part of, and you are crowned queen! I found that saying the words, “I am going to write about this/you” made people value me as a writer/adventurer. “She has a blog”, “She writes” were the new labels I forced out of the social demons.

“Everyone cannot blog” - I say this with great, humble pride because I refuse to take the backseat in life. I drive my own wagon and make my own adventures from the most mundane of things. My blog rides with me like a faithful sidekick that cheers me on. And, I give my personal cheerleader a lot to cheer about. I have made chefs pose for me while they tossed an omelet in a frying pan! I have ridden a wild rollercoaster and heard myself scream a death scream just to blog about it. I have worn a Ghostface Killer mask from the Scream movie and done a Selfie prompt for a Photo Journaling project.

There! Victory is mine.

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