Monday, August 17, 2015

Stilletos Pinboard DIY

Date Created: October 2010
For Sara (Bestie Sister)'s 19th birthday I did a Stilletos themed pinboard template. She used this template for 5 years until recently when I have taken these down to re-do the board with burlap! The stilletos were simple printouts from my HP color printer. The border is party tissue napkin cutouts, and the foam hands and feet prints were simple picks from Walmart. 
This template holds special memories because this was practically my first step into pinboard DIY FOR REAL. It is so basic, but I remember sitting in my condo's loft/ Sara's room making this before she got home from school. O! And I was freaking terrified because those were my first days home alone. I kept peeking downstairs into the family room whenever a floorboard creaked, or the washing machine made a crazy sound.

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