Monday, July 20, 2015

♫Mubarak, Eid Mubarak!♫ Part One

Muslims around the planet celebrate Eid; a three day festival of giving thanks to Allah and meeting loved ones, after Ramadan season ends. Think Thanksgiving multiplied by ten. God is thanked on Eid for blessing us with Ramadan fasts and the opportunity to worship Him. Supplications are made for Him to accept all prayers and worship of the season and also to bless us with Ramadan the next year again, ameen. So there's load of hugging. Get the picture? 

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Today's Chai is courtesy of the Akhtar household whose ladies hosted a wonderful Eid Potluck

Eid = Dolling up in fancy clothes + Eating treats + Giving/Receiving gifts + Meeting loved ones

A Desi woman's heart knows no limits when it comes to jewelry shopping. Indian jewelry - earrings in particular - has been on my wish list for a super long time now. And Eid shopping for me began at a Ramadan Bazaar that was arranged at a ballroom not far from my place. There was gorgeous Indian jewelry and dresses there. This was definitely a small but good start to Eid festivities. I mean I heard Mom bargain like a Desi after so long! I grabbed two pairs of Kashmiri Jhumka earrings (will do a show and tell later), and Mum grabbed a necklace and earring set for my S.I.L. as Eidi (Eid gift). 

Henna by Sara [Photo courtesy: Sara]

Sara is the henna artist in the family and she did her own hand and my hand. Her talent was discovered when she did henna art on a cake! With chocolate frosting of course. It was for a henna ceremony at my S.I.L.'s place. I thought "If she can do that to the cake, she can do that to anything!" 

Henna Ruffle Cake by Sara's Baked Creations

I was going overboard in the kitchen making Kheer Kachori for Eid day, and making Chandraat (Eid eve) Chicken as a last Iftaar (Fast-breaker dinner) and all so we didn't have enough time to cover both hands with henna. But hey! There is another Eid party a week from now and we can always henna up for that! coming back to the Chandraat Chicken. Mum and I were battling with the full chicken that's been in our freezer for quite some time waiting for the right mahoorat. Sara and I thought about starting a Chandraat Chicken tradition. Voila! The delicious chicken came out well roasted!
The Iftaar Finale menu featured:
  • Chandraat Chicken
  • Yellow Masala Rice 
  • Fruit Chaat by Sara
  • Brownies by S.I.L.
  • Going Bananas Crumb Cake by Sara's Baked Creations
Eid Prayers [Photo courtesy: Sara]

Eid prayers were at a recreational park under the burning summer sun and a heat advisory. Great! There were a couple other venues like the chilled, comfy Alumni building at the University of Maryland but it was Big Brother's grand idea to stick with the local mosque and pray in Mordor circumstances. 


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