Sunday, July 12, 2015

Babbling Abbie: Time To Clear The Mess Now

Ramadan season is in its last tier now and that means only ONE thing: TIME TO CLEAN THE HOUSE! Yes, Bestie and I did that 20 days ago when Ramadan was starting because we knew that we would switch into hibernation mode for the next month. Well, the month of hibernation is over and there are dusty hardwood floors, greasy tiled floors, and even more dusty carpets to be vacuumed and mopped! The mess has been multiplied to the times of a Greek tragedy due to a lot of handymen trailing dust and drywall plaster everywhere. 


A surveillance camera guy came in to fit spy cams all over my house (I am Alex D. Linz from Home Alone 3!). He went into my attic and BOOM! he got devoured by the Babadook. No! That would have been a brilliant ending. Instead, he stepped at a wrong spot up there and his foot broke through the bedroom ceiling! SAY WHAT??? 
Yes! I am glad it wasn't the spot where the ceiling fan is hanging from. An alternate happy ending could also have been had he fallen butt first into the bedroom. I am not nasty, there're a bed underneath so he wouldn't have crashed to a fatal end. 

It would have been fun to watch though. Okay, so he ended up messing the place because when the ceiling broke, all the drywall plaster and insulation wool came raining down. Next, a huge mess followed in an attempt to re-do the drywall. I have to vacuum that area and there is a bed that needs re-assembly too!


It was raining bulls and dinosaurs in Maryland all of June and whatever little of July has passed. Our concrete stairwell that comes down into the basement from the backyard apparently had some cracks in it. The ground behind the stairs became host to a lot of rainwater and ended up transforming into a pit from hell filled with water! Result: The basement doors at the bottom of those stairs turned into a scene from the Titanic.

I was Rose, stuffing garbage bags into the cracks to stop the flood from ruining the carpets.

And my carpet was like:

A waterproofing company intervened to fill foam resin into the hell hole so no more water could sit into the grave at the back of the stairs. They should have used that to waterproof the Titanic. The company also installed a block drain (check my fancy homemaker terms!) so all the water from the rain coming down had a bigger place to exit from, and broke ground to install a new sump pump as well. Our house is practically Titanic. Gradually, it will be the best waterproof house of the neighborhood. I mean we already have a French drain system all around. So there's a mess downstairs in the basement. Carpet needs drying, tiles need re-doing, and a drywall chunk needs to be re-done.


The kitchen has pretty much been that scene from The Hobbit where the company of dwarves sang "Blunt the knives". I mean we cook and serve pretty seriously and in panic mode during Ramadan.

The floor has been accumulating grease and goo and I have ordered Hoover Floormate Deluxe to do my life a favor. I have a feeling there is still hope!

So I have a whole bunch of mess to clean ...

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