Monday, November 3, 2014

>>Abbie Dailies << Nov 03 Monday Blues, Going Gold, Gingerbread Latte, Dream-Boarding

Despite the announcement I haven't taken NoJoMo seriously. It seems like I just want to be a participant because November is my birth month and I am a self-proclaimed Shakespeare of my age. The problem with NoJoMo now is that the prompts are not intriguing enough (some are!), and a couple of them are pretty personal confessions. There is no way I am revealing to the world that I am the Green Arrow (kidding!). 

A November announcement had to be done and the best way was the Loomis way! I haven't fancied any Hollywood character in my 28 years (almost!) of life but Billy Loomis from Scream.

Next up was the Monday Blues Combat. I have solemnly sworn to myself that I shall not let Monday haunt me. But there is something seriously wrong with this day. Wikipedia says it means Moon Day, so it should not behave badly right? But Moon phases impact tidal disturbances, even bodily disturbance (not offending werewolves in anyway!) so I am guess there is definitely something up.

Okay, so I always have a plan for Monday Blues and this Monday it was getting myself a Limited Edition Red Starbucks Holiday Cup, free samples at COSTCO while grocery shopping, and photography. And then ...


I came up with a super sore throat. I am talking about super prickly thorns stuck in my post nasal passage down to the gullet. Water was OUCH! Starbucks Gingerbread Latte, though, was YUMM! Costco was cancelled because a tire pressure sign came on and I saw a giant construction-grade nail stuck in Ms. Shadow's front wheel under my driving seat. I drove back home and we switched cars - Bestie's red car came into action.
I got my caffeine booze at Target. They have holiday decorations up already. Even though there is still Thanksgiving in November that needed a turkey display, but I am okay with the reindeers and the sleigh and fat old Santa greeting me while I Cartwheel around at Target.

READ >>> my Let There Be Bright Gingerbread Latte, Going Gold entry to catch up on my Coffee Casanova time.

With this purchase, I earned a star and it doubled because SBUX is doubling stars until Nov 10, and voila! I became a Gold Level member. I am set to receive a personalized Gold Starbucks Card in the mail, free drink after every 12 stars earned, and free syrups in my lattes! How cool (I mean HOT!) is that?

Then I had the almost full moon to look up to. One of the reasons I love my life where I live is that the skies are pollution-free and there are no tall buildings around, and the skyscape is so clear!  The moon in the photo will be the Full Beaver Moon (also called the Frosty Moon) on the 6th of November at 5:23 p.m.

I came home and photographed my October Adventures Board in its full completion. Read Abbie's October Adventures Board 2014 to check out what all I pinned on it throughout the month.

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