Monday, September 22, 2014

Celebrating 2 Years of Mission Sweetness: Sara's Baked Creations (So Proud!)

Sara [my ultimate lifetime BFF and younger sister] found her passion for baking 4 years ago in 2010. She would watch Cake Boss all day on TLC, have "cake" reflecting on her face, and not know when to hit pause. Her baking adventures began immediately! I knew she was born with the Midas Touch and she would totally rock it as a baker. I still remember our first trip to buy bakeware and ingredients. She was uncertain whether baking would just be a home experiment or the mission of a lifetime for her. So, everything she picked up, she looked at price labels and thought all this goes to waste if it doesn't work out. And then there was me to kick her creative butt and tell her to just do it!
She began self-learning from baking blogs and vlogs. I wanted her to take some Wilton classes but she knew she could handle it all and she continued her spree. There was Buddy Valastro doing magic at Carlos and there was Sherris doing magic at the Ali's. The Moist Chocolate Cake was one of her first cake-ly creations. Over the years, as she learned new techniques, her chocolate cakes became as diverse and stunning as the two in the pictooor above! Her skills grew in frosting, creating chocolate art, and even incorporating bursts of flavors within a cake.

On each of my birthday since the past 3 years I have looked forward to her cakes MORE than I have looked forward to the gifts. Each time, she made a spectacular artistic wonder that left me STUNNED, STUPEFIED, BEWILDERED ... okay, I am out of words. This is Abbie's Birthday Cakes Timeline.

The 25th birthday cake was a BIG experiment. For my silver birthday, Sara put all her newly learned skills to the test. I had requested a pure white, vanilla flavored cake because I love that sponge she makes. She put her amateur frosting skills to use and came up with the beautiful vanilla cake!  One year later, on my 26th she came up with the Hobbit / Superstar cake. I had requested a Hobbit hole from the Shire and she brought it to life. I feel that this cake was a quantum leap! The Hobbit hole door was perfect! The ice-cream cones with frosting inside was so, so, so, creative. It reminded me of Willy Wonka's factory. Finally, last year, on my 27th birthday she fulfilled my request for a topsy turvy cake and did a masquerade theme! Not only that, but she also did a red inside of the cake! Sheer amazing awesomeness! There were marbleized fondant accents, a bling border, and a masquerade mask that made it look so, so grand and majestic. I am in love with each one of these beautiful cakes.

Other specialty bakes that Sara's Baked Creations did for me were:

The Cookie Monster Surprise
Last year, Sara gifted me a much-desired Cookie Monster. I have been in love with him since my childhood days. He came with a treat of Cookie Monster cupcakes!

M&M Fun Cookies
These were baked on special request as well! Sara and I are major M&M fans and I just wanted a cookie full of those!

I named the CookieZilla! I requested it too!

Coffee Casanova Cupcakes
I named these too! Trust me, these were made by Sara - keeping in mind my love for coffee and chocolate mixed together. These cupcakes were super rich with dark chocolate and coffee flavors. The most rocking part was the coffee flavored frosting! OMG, this was LOVE!

Graduation Cake & Cupcakes
I was speechless! This was Sara's first adventure with fondant-covered cake! Not only did she make a beautiful book out of a rectangle sheet cake, but she even made a cap out of a round cake! This moment was a proud, heart-exploding emotional moment for me! The cupcakes were so neat, beautiful, and scholarly-looking! Those degree scrolls looked REAL!

Linzer Cookies
And then I wanted jam in between two cookies! Sherris came up with Linzer Cookies in her naive baking days. They were so delicious! These need to be done again!

Do you see these innocent-looking cookies? These are my life! My reason to live! They are so, so, so delicious! I could eat them every single day for the rest of my life! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Going Friends-n-Family Public
We decided to forward Sara's Baked Creations as a friends and family project where we bake for special occasions of loved ones and acquaintances. Sara and I put our heads together and came up with "Mission Sweetness" as our project's vision! Our mission is to spread sweetness for everybody through our baked goods. Sara has announced me as the co-founder of the project so I own it too! *hugs*
I designed a gorgeous logo that meets the baking genius's specifications. As I describe Sara "She is a rainbow explosion - the ethos of Disneyland and Bollywood" and I am a "Red and black strobe light from a rock concert - the ethos of Middle Earth and Medieval Times", it was difficult to design the color scheme of the logo. It was super fun though, and finally it was announced on the SBC Page on Facebook!

Photography Debut for Sara's Baked Creations
I debuted as a digital photographer (it is not as professional as it sounds, just me with a Nikon in the laundry room under a high power light) and took a slurpy delicious photo of the Chocolate Overload Cake.

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  1. OMG! You know I'm an emotional person. THIS IS SO AWESOMEEEEEEE <3 Thank you for writing about me Bestie!!!


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