Monday, April 28, 2014

Mad Life Of The Graduating #MadMonday #MessyMonday

That hot mess in the hamster wheel is me, precisely, and I have had pretty much enough of the post-grad student life already. This summer I'd be screaming in sheer joy as I bid farewell to studies forever! The weekend was a major mess because I was swarmed in case study printouts, colored pens (I paint the case studies red to get a hang of what's being summarized). The worst part is when I have to squeeze massive loads of information into a set number of pages. It was a 6-8 pages range this time and as usual I surpassed to 10. The weekend was spent trying to summarize and edit and fit into 8 pages. I was the Thor of editing and summarizing!

And then, you know what happens when you are stressing out too much? You break out into a festival of zits! There's one on my upper cheek that is practically obstructing my vision!

Sara and I have already started planning our post-grad life. Of course, she'll be on a sabbatical before she starts her MBA studies. But we both have a similar bucket list ready. I, of course, have my personal plans working in my brain as well. I'd be a free woman after my MBA so I really don't have to think about going to school ever, ever again. Unless, of course I decide to teach people. That torture I will not yet inflict on the youth as yet. They are not ready for a dose of intellect as high as mine. *winks*

  1. Start making our Sister Scrapbook to keep memories of our adventures.
  2. Set up our home-bakery's pantry.
  3. Start marketing our home bakery 'Sara's Baked Creations' to family/friends.
  4. Visit the new extended Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.
  5. Lose weight [that's ALWAYS there].
  1. Post-grad cleaning! My study is a scene from Armageddon right now!
  2. Start making a personal scrapbook so I can add more nonsense in that cannot go in the sisters' scrapbook. Sara won't like my necrotic, Goth stuff. Or my Hobbit obsession.
  3. Set up Abbie's Cafe - my fabulous home kitchen.
  4. Start taking writing jobs that I have been delaying because of my MBA workload.
  5. Begin writing the novel that's been stewing in my head since ages.

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