Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scooper Hero Waffle Cone at World's Largest McDonald's

The world's largest MDonald's is in Orlando, Florida, and I was there! With Sherris, o'course. And, we had the world's most awesome tri-colored vanilla ice cream waffle cone. The tri-colored flavor is called Scooper Hero!

The world's largest McDonald's is an unmistakable building when you drive on Universal Boulevard, Orlando. The building looks like giant McDonald's french fries containers with checkerboard patterns in the background. There is a carnival-style fun land attached to its side which was lit up when I saw it at night. There was a giant inflatable Santa next to a giant Ronald outside the door - following the holiday spirits.

The world's largest McDonald's is actually a full-fledged restaurant / gaming arcade / play place. 

The eatery is big. It has sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and what not! I was handed an entire menu by a waitress as I entered. There is a McCafe coffee beverage counter, and an ice-cream counter with multiple flavors. 
Everything at the world's largest McDonald's is being done to perfection. Unlike everyday McDonald's, everything was being assembled with precision.  

A gaming zone is situated above the main floor. There are video games, slot machines, and other fun rides up there. 

It was about 1pm and family had already ordered a Pakistani meal elsewhere. So, Sherris and I settled for a dream waffle cone! It took us a while to pick a flavor. I was attracted to the most colorful one, even though it was the most simple vanilla. The Scooper Hero was our pick of the day. 

Watch the video to see our Scooper Hero waffle cone being put together, and a tour of the place!

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