Friday, September 21, 2012

"Fall"ing In Love

Time has flown and today was the very last day of Summer. At the brink of Fall, the most beloved season, a couple of "stuff" is bubbling away in my mind. I am a Fall child and that explains my attachment with the season. There are a couple of ways in which I commemorate the beautiful time of the year when God shows us the most vibrant of colors, gifts us the most wonderful of fruits and flavors, and blossoms the most exotic of flowers and nuts.
Two years ago, I saw the first of Fall ever. Never before, in my native country, had I seen a change of seasons because it was mild and arid throughout the year with a monsoon season. One can imagine a hybrid between the weather of Florida and Texas. The leaves turned a blazing shade of amber, a spicy color of burgundy, and then began to turn brown and ready to shed for Winter's big arrival. Me and my camera knew no end to photography. The moon phases were more majestic than usual, harvest festivities were up at every store, and coffeehouses were brewing the best of flavors. It was euphoric.
Last year Fall came and went and I couldn't spare a moment to enjoy it. This year I fear it shall be no different. But I shall make the most of it, inshaAllah. Of course, there are some Fall resolutions.
October (Octo) Photography (Pho) Month (Mo) is the perfect creative project for someone who shares a romance with Fall. Each October I participate in the OctoPhoMo which involves putting up one photograph daily. Usually, there are daily prompts put up by the OctoPhoMo managers but otherwise you can go freestyle and create your own prompt. I generally keep the list of prompts with me like a scavenger hunt list so I have photographs to upload when the right day comes. The prompt list is HERE
November is NaNoWriMo National (Na) Novel (No) Writing (Wri) Month and I might just participate despite the decision to keep the novel secret. Being comfortable with a story being out in the open is a difficult process.
Another little something is my twenty sixth birthday. There's no Bilbo big deal to it but it's one step forward from the mid twenties so the load of life's complications is going to increment. I have yet to decide how I shall celebrate a yet new milestone.
December (De) Photojournaling (Pho) Month (Mo) is another photography endeavor that starts off in Fall. It is more like a climax to Fall as the weather grows more chilly to welcome the Winter. 
Adventures Continue ...

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