Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Diaries: Happy Fall Ya'll

My mind has transformed everything into a scene from a fantasy movie. This is a sign of the beginning of Fall, the best season of the year. The chill this morning was so intense it felt as if Fall was waiting desperately for Summer to take a leave. Now, I wait for the precious autumn foliage to show its splendor. In human language, I am waiting for the leaves to change color. And of course, there are other autumnal delights to look forward to.
Fall is the harvest season which means the farmers are harvesting fruits and vegetables from their well grown fields and orchids. The village folk love a good celebration over a healthy turnout, so there are the Fall festivities. The chill in the air goes perfectly with the bonfires and the delicious feasts. I feel it is a time to thank the Lord even more because they are His bounties and treats that we enjoy. Top treats are pumpkins, apples, pomegranates, nuts, and oranges. 
I have compiled my own list of things to eat and drink this Fall. It's called Fall Feasts and Merry Treats, on the Madshack Cafe blog. The Merry Treats bit came along because as the last month of Fall would climax, the holiday season would bring in lots of gingerbread and toffee! They shall continue into a winter bonanza on Abbies Adventure Diaries, inshaAllah (God Willing). 
Basically, it's a time of the year when one wants to indulge in a lot of family time and even more so, some quality alone time. I am doubtful if I would be able to catch a bonfire somewhere, but you never know what magic could come your way when it's the season of mystery!
Thanksgiving and Halloween are two American Fall celebrations. Though I don't celebrate either one of them, there is always some great kitchenware, home decoration, and arts and crafts stuff available at stores. The clothing stores have all the vibrant colors, the coffeehouses (okay, I have drooled about those endlessly), and there are decorations all around. 

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