Friday, March 2, 2012

Cappuccino at Chef Paolino Cafe, Baltimore

The caramel syrup in my coffee was just right, I didn't need to add more sugar, and the ambiance was that of an Italian breakfast and lunch cafe. The black ceiling, amber walls, and hues of orange and red created the perfect color palette for a coffee adventure!
It was afternoon, lunchtime, and people were scurrying in in crowds. I was lucky to get some place, in traditional high-chairs, right in front of the barista. My mother accompanied me and we cherished the cappuccino in the cold Maryland Spring weather while we ate our homemade minced chicken sandwiches (that's what happens when you are a Halal-eater and you cannot order a meatball ravioli). O! Allah! Inspire someone to open a Halal Italian breakfast and lunch diner.
I was reminded of writing about Cafe Cappuccino in a story I was working on and about how Italians like their cappuccinos in the evening rather than the mornings as Americans do. The American rush was amazing at the cafe and as the clock struck 3pm, the place was literally empty!
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