Sunday, May 6, 2018

Food Journals March, April: Kitchen Rollercoaster Months

March? What's a March? I seriously don't recall a March. It was directly April upon me. When a baby is born in the family --- it brings with it some serious celebration! And celebrations mean copious demands of foods! There was a lunch affair to celebrate my niece, Hafsa (Chunky Huffington Hufflepuffs’) birth! I cooked Chicken Biryani 🍗, Baisan Karhi, and Koftay 🍘 and you can check out the grand luncheon in video below.
It's a small world after all. I found the Arabic Mamoul cookies (date filled goodness!) at the ICNA MAS Convention! And the $5 packs were in 2 varieties ... whole wheat and regular ... The whole wheat has a bitter wheatish tinge to it but we can live with that! I also got a stash of assorted Turkish Delight flavors via my father who came to visit. I'm a Turkish Delight maniac! I'd add these treats to my Ramadan display as well because they're such flavorful parts of the Muslim culture! 
Behold! These are some of the wonders I created in the past two months. I say some because the mundane recipes don't get the camera spotlight. Fancy some no bake, sugar free strawberry cheesecake? Grab the recipe HERE!

March and April have been the kitchen rollercoaster duo months. Dish after dish I stirred up recipes to provide a different menu for my father for lunches and dinners. The Stone Hot whole wheat pizza was our guilty pleasure. Sara and I found ourselves stranded in the kitchen with very little time between meals and tea times. So we ate there --- at the countertop --- The Bosco Pizza and brownies are the hospital party we had in the maternity wing after my niece was born and we went over to visit. Bosco Pizza was served to my SIL! Fancy! A hospital that serves pizza to newbie moms! Fancy! 
That's a wrap for March and April. May is Ramadan Preparation month and the first 2 weeks of Ramadan fall there as well. See you on the other side!


  1. Eid Mubarak! I see that you too have taken a Ramadan hiatus. Hope you had a good one! :)

    1. OOOOOOOOOOOO! I JUST saw your comment! Yes, Ramadan hiatus BIG TIME! I was doing Ramadan Adventure Films on Instagram and that's about it. Sorry I was dead! Coming back to life now! Promise --- coming to visit your blog!


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