Thursday, November 12, 2015

#6wkMMM Week 1, Day 5: A Shire Birthday Breakfast & Hobbit Production Diary 3

So we are smooth sailing through the #6wkMMM and I am loving the daily blogging. Let's start with the throwbacks first, shall we?

My 26th birthday was set to the theme of The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings by my sister Sara. It was a mix of both. That day, my breakfast was Shire style as well. Feast you eyes on the menu. There was Shire's Famous Vegetable Quiche that tasted so delicious like a pizza crossed over with an egg. There was Frodo's French Toast Special. Oh Lord! Cheese and Fried Potatoes (Samwise!) were sides. O! How I enjoyed my breakfast. Thanks Sara!

I have been watching The Hobbit, Production Diary 3 vlog by Peter Jackson. The reason I chose to re-watch this one in particular is because it was hilarious! Cast and crew members speak about their favorite scenes in the movie. There is the awesome scene where the dwarfs feast at Bilbo's place (uninvited!). The vlog ends with Saruman (Christopher Lee) asking after PJ crosses the Hobbit Hole set (looking for New Zealand) "Who is that odd little fellow." It is so sad Christopher Lee passed away this summer. I will always remember him as Saruman.

PJ Question From The Vlog: Which Dwarf Would You Like To Invite For Dinner?
Kili! He's the hottest one. The rest of the dwarfs (the cast that is) has an opinion that if Middle Earth was to have a boy band, this fellow would be the lead. I wouldn't mind the table manners if I have a nice face to feed at my table. The burping though would be an issue with my mother. She minds mine too *laughs*

Enjoy the Production Diary video down here. It surely made my day. I remember how I was glued to YouTube when PJ was putting up these videos. I waited for them like waiting for a movie premiere. Each one focuses on the making, the mechanics, the technological brilliance, and the majestic grandeur of Tolkien's work brought to life by PJ. Lord Of The Rings is my first love and The Hobbit brings all the feels back!

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