Friday, November 13, 2015

#6wkMMM Week 1, Day 6: Remembering the worldwide trailer release

I am diving back in time to 2011 when The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey's worldwide trailer was released. I had gone mad with excitement. They announced that it would still be an year before the movie would be released. meanwhile there would be PJ's video diaries! This is what I had to say:

"Finally New Line Cinema has released the announcement trailer for Peter Jackson's prequel to the Lord Of The Rings masterpiece trilogy. The trailer is an instant journey back to Middle-Earth, the most beautifully written realm of fantasy.
There is a lot to the story and the trailer is a perfect package of surprise which promises a lot but doesn't give away too much of the spicy bits. We see a young Bilbo Baggins who runs into Gandalf the Grey and his band of dwarfs. Together, they are pulling Baggins in for an "adventure" that promises nothing but danger ... not even a return back to Hobbiton. And, even if there is a return Bilbo will come back "changed".
There are so many dwarf names to memorize!
I am expecting more trailers ... more production videos from Peter Jackson ... they're almost like watching the movie itself!"
This was from my blog post The Hobbit - Worldwide Trailer Released.

I had finished watching the entire LOTR trilogy in 2010 and I was a newbie super fan! This came as a treat! I had missed the fandom when it was fresh and it seemed like I was being given a chance to dive right back into time to share the global pandemonium! 

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