Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Voice Of Abbie: October 2018 "Something Wicked Abbie's Way Comes"



<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< FALL BEGINS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Fellow mad people! A long awaited, magical quarter of the year has begun! Perhaps this shall be a healing to the many wounds inflicted by 2018. Amen to that! There's so much on the plate piled up to end this year ••• sadly, there will be no trip this year to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - I won't be going home to Hogwarts because Sara and I are going to wait for the new ride to get going and Globus Mundi to come to life before we decide to revisit! No-Potterheads please Google your way through the terms alien to you. 
The teasing chill in the air will continue to getting crisp and dead women will be crawling out of vents and crawl spaces in movies on TV! Aha! October is when things get crazy my friends! 

<<<<<<< SEPTEMBER REWIND <<<<<<<<<

September's been a cruel month of overwork, brain kill, emotional challenges, and severe exhaustion and uncertainty. I was in the kitchen from morning till night, cooking and cleaning. It's SUCH a pathetic story I do not even wish to talk about it. Check it all out in "Food Journals: September 2018 - Heaps of panicked cooking and dining out"
September was madness in the Wizarding World. It was Back To Hogwarts time when September began. Next, Hot Topic opened its Hot Cash cashing in session. There was so much HP loot! Check out POTTERHEAD CHRONICLES OF SEPTEMBER: King's Cross Back To Hogwarts, Newt Funko Pop, & Hot Topic Loot

------------ OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS ------------

OctoPhoMo is my most beloved Fall project. One photo every day is what's going to happen! Follow it HERE.  
Fall Diaries are now being written. My mind's a mess, time's running, the season's to be celebrated! Catch it HERE.

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