Thursday, December 7, 2017

DIY Harry Potter Funko Pop Magnets

When you've got a prospering family of Harry Potter Funko Pops what do you do with the boxes? A big time magnet freak like me would instantly make magnets. The Funko boxes are good quality cardboard. That equals magnets. Mua ha ha ha! So, let me introduce you to my Funko Pop family.
The Harry Potter Express Engine came with the Harry in Dudley's oversized clothes and broken glasses. Professor Albus Dumbledore with the tassels in his beard, and Bellatrix ready for dark action. 
52 Magnetic Buttons have got to be my greatest find this month from Walmart. Usually I get the neodymium magnets sold in sets of 10 for $0.80 on Ebay. But these gave me the same rate per piece, so here we go. These for $5 something and super glue from Dollar Tree (bought as a pack of 4 for $1) are all you need for this simple DIY project.  
To cut out I chose the print on the side of the box that shows the full Funko Pop figure and has their name printed on a label under the figure. 
Generous glue at the back, firmly press on the back of the cardboard cutout for 30 seconds, and we are good to go!

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