Friday, November 10, 2017

Wizarding World Book Club: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Theme 5 "Tradition"

This week's theme was "Tradition" and as Fall becomes unusually chilly (wintery!) the Yule Ball theme matched the situation. Wizarding World Book Club mentioned the theme and the chapters as follows:

About the theme

The Triwizard Yule Ball is traditional. School champions leading the first dance is traditional. House-elves serving witches and wizards without pay or holidays is traditional. Some wizarding world traditions are harder to stomach than others – especially for Hermione.

Chapters 21-25

As a guide, we’re reading chapters 21-25 this week. When neither can go with who they really want to, Harry and Ron are miserable at the Yule Ball. Hagrid has an even worse time – revealing he is half-giant to an angry and insulted Madame Maxime. The night ends, though, with a useful tip from Cedric which, after a good bath, helps Harry learn what he must do for the second task.

Pre-Discussion Tweets: Professor Lockhart Accepts My Yule Ball Promposal! 

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