Saturday, August 5, 2017

Pottermore: Sorted Gryffindor, Discovered Patronus, Got Wand!

Last year I had joined Pottermore only to be highly disappointed and sorted into Hufflepuff! *DEATH STARE!* Who does that? So, I'd deleted the account because I am NOT Hufflepuff. I have emptied my pockets buying Gryffindor merch from all nooks and crevices of the planet and cyberspace. I shall not be sorted Hufflepuff! 
Then, this year I dived head straight into research as to what was the secret formula of being sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore. Blimey! The planet is RAGING about how Pottermore sorted them into houses they don't like. Poor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) did not get Slytherin! How cold blooded evil is that?! I was; however, not going down without a worthy Gryffindor fight!
Some answers on the multiple choice quiz are obvious Gryffindor answers. But there are trick questions there that are responsible for changing your results. O, and I tried noting down answers from YouTube videos that show how people got Gryffindor. They're not reliable. The same question with the same answer choices was answered differently in different videos and both people got Gryffindor. For example, Which pet would you take to Hogwarts? - I would always answer Snowy Owl. And someone answered Dragon Toad and got Gryffindor. Then there was a question that simply asks 'Left or Right?' and people became Gryffindors by choosing both options. What was I to do? 
So, in the end what mattered were prayers! I answered my Gryffindor instinct obvious answers, some learned answers from YouTube ON BIG RISK and some totally new questions popped up like 'Moon or Stars?' and I went with my instincts and Gryffindor logic. Like I chose Moon because of Professor Lupin and Moony and the friendship with Harry.  Then I said a prayer again and ...

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