Sunday, July 2, 2017

Abbie Crafts of May & June: Mother's Day & Ramadan

May was Mother's Day Extravaganza at Planet Abbie. The very awesome fact that it comes in Spring puts a splash of color. And Sara and I are proud productions of our mother so we join heads each other and put together a treats and greets display that blows the minds of those who created Mothers' Day in the first place. It was a daughter Anne Jarvis to be precise. She was the daughter of a peace activist Ann Jarvis who attended to the needs of wounded soldiers of both sides in the American Civil War. When her mother died, in 1908, she held a memorial for her in a church and then began campaigning to make it a nationally recognized affair. Of course, the politicians won't budge but she kept campaigning until finally it was recognized. So the fact that it is a daughter's big deal for her mother we tend to glamorize it with added bling! What came together was a beautiful ensemble put together by Sara's Baked Creations & Abbie Crafts. 
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Ramadan Crafts happened on my blog Sisterly Yours and featured some Springtime themed Ramadan crafts. I always wanted to do a skyline that had something to do with Islam that is mosques and etc. This was my idea of combining two themes together - Spring and Ramadan. There is an entire Ramadan Skyline Pictorial up for grabs if you want to save this for your next year's Ramadan art project. 
This was my Ramadan Nook for 29 memorable days. Do visit Sisterly Yours to read the details on how I put this together in Ramadan Nook 2017.

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